Memorial Garden, Belper

Belper Memorial Garden is located at the top of King Street. It was originally given to the people of Belper by one of the Strutt family. The war memorial stands in the garden which also has beautiful flower beds, trees and several park benches. I visited this afternoon and there were family groups enjoying picnics and children playing on the grass.

The purpose of my visit was to start planning a Christmas Yarn Bomb of the Memorial Garden. Walking through the gate on King Street there are six trees along the wall on the left. I measured the first tree which looked to be the largest. It measured 45 inches around.imageThere is a lovely large cedar tree in the middle of the lawn which would look good with something wrapped around the trunk and some stars and angels hanging from the branches. imageThere are four posts along the pavement edge of the garden and several benches which would look good with some Christmas decorations.imageThe plan will be to put woolly things up with a Christmas theme. I am looking for as many people as possible to join in and give the Memorial Garden a real Christmas makeover. Here is a list of some of the possibilities.

Knitted or crocheted Christmas ornaments. There are lots of free patterns on the internet and this site has plenty,  these could include round baubles, stockings, bells etc.imageKnitted, crocheted squares or rectangles that can be sewn together to wrap round the tree trunks and benches. It would be good if they were made in green, red or white. The squares would ideally be 5 or 10 inches square. The rectangles ideally to have a 5 or 10 inch short side with a length of 10, 20, 30 or 40 inches. They could be made in any stitch and decorated with a Christmas design or left as a single colour.

Crocheted or knitted snowflakes and stars. Here is a good star pattern, I also made some larger stars by using chunky wool and adding extra stitches, 14 instead of 10 as the pattern says. The stars would also sparkle if they had some sequins added to them.imageChristmas wildlife such as robins and owls.

Angels and snowmen.imagePlease contact me with any other Christmas ideas by leaving a comment on this blog.

I would appreciate receiving items by November 17th to give time for the final planning before they are displayed in the Memorial Garden. I will email you with the address to send pieces to.

16 thoughts on “Memorial Garden, Belper”

    1. Thanks Margaret, that’s great, it will be good to have crochet as well as knitting. I will email you with my address.

  1. I would love to join in with the christmas yarn bombing. Please send me details of where i can send christmas decorations when i have done them. Thank you.

  2. My mum is a great knitter always knitting!! I will ask her. What a great idea and it will look lovely. Can you send me any other details I might need. Thanks

  3. Hi Anne, I used to live in Belper and now live in Melbourne Australia. I would love to either knit or crochet something here. My sister is visiting the UK in late October and could maybe bring with her or do you have an address I can mail them to.
    Jillian Bancell (nee Watson)

    1. That’s great Jill, thanks so much for wanting to be part of this. I will email you with my address so you could either post things or your sister could bring them in October.

  4. Hi
    I would be happy to help, I’m not a fast knitter and I work pretty much full time but I guess every little helps! Best vic

  5. Well Anne I have been inspired to pick up the needles 30 years after my last knit.I have made a Santa lady mouse so far and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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