Fashion Revolution Day

The first Fashion Revolution Day will happen on April 24th 2014. It will then be a year since the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1133 garment workers and injured over 2500 more. The idea for this day came from Carrie Somers from the Company Pachacuti in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Carrie has written a blog which tells how she first got the idea and what the plans are for the first Fashion Revolution Day.

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Whitby, a Town Worth Visiting

I recently spent a few days in Whitby and thought I would share some of my photos. While there we had a real mixture of weather but this is Great Britain! The first day was reasonably warm for October and so we went to the beach at Robin Hood Bay.October sunshine at Robin Hood Bay.

October sunshine at Robin Hood Bay.
The tide was out and there were plenty of rock pools to investigate and sand to dig.
The beach at Robin Hood Bay.

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Rat Bags

I recently discovered Rat Bags, a company making items out of sail canvas while on holiday onĀ  the Scilly Islands. I love to visit countries like Italy where you still find small shops with the artist or maker working at the back, producing their handmade goods. It is rare however to find this in the UK so on this recent holiday to the Isles of Scilly I was really pleased to discover a shop called The Canvas Shop in Hugh Town, St Marys, where you can see the handmade items being made. The company is called Rat Bags and they make practical, colourful, bags, hats and clothes out of traditional canvas.

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