Abbey Gardens

On a recent visit to the Isles of Scilly I visited the amazing Abbey Gardens on the Island of Tresco. The last time I went there was about thirty years ago. I have been to Tresco more recently but not back to the Abbey Gardens and so I was filled with wonder once again at all the fantastic plants. It is a bit like the tropical gardens at Kew without needing to be in a greenhouse.Abbey Gardens TrescoThe gardens were created by Augustus Smith who came to live on Tresco in 1834 as the new Lord Protector of all the Isles of Scilly. The history of the Abbey Gardens can be found HERE. Four succeeding generations of the Smith family continued to improve the gardens, to make them a sub-tropical paradise which is well worth a visit. The Abbey Gardens section on the Tresco website will give you all the information required for an enjoyable day out.

The best way to describe the Abbey Gardens however is not with words but pictures. IMG_4412 IMG_4433IMG_4436IMG_4432IMG_4421There are so many unusual and beautiful flowers that I have found it very difficult to select a few for this blog.IMG_4438IMG_4450IMG_4445IMG_4447IMG_4442I really love this next flower, I have no idea what it is but it is not something that I have seen before.IMG_4443It does cost £12.00 for a one day visit but if the sun is shining it is well worth going to at any time of the year. The Abbey gardens are beautifully laid out with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the amazing views.

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