Woollen Woods 2016

Calling all Yarn Bombers, knitters, crocheters and those who work with felt, you are needed to help with the Woollen Woods 2016. Once again the magic will return to the Belper Parks Wood during Voluntary Arts Week and Belper Arts Festival. The woods will be inhabited by woollen creatures and vegetation created by knitters, crocheters and felt artists both local and from further afield. Red squirrels will return and be joined by foxes, hedgehogs, owls, moles, toads and insects of all varieties. Red squirrels in Belper parks woodPart of the woods will be transformed into the seaside and I am looking for fish, octopuses, shells, seagulls, seaweed, pebbles etc. Some trees will be decorated to tell a story and individuals or groups are very welcome to adopt a tree.Flower Woollen Woods 2016 Flowers of all varieties will fill the woods and amongst the bluebells there will be one that is three feet high. Woollen Woods 2016 are springing up all over the British Isles and this year Belper Parks Wood has been chosen by Voluntary Arts to be their flagship event for the Midlands. We are looking for people who would like to be part of this event.

You do not need to be an expert knitter or crocheter. Squares can be used to wrap around trees or be turned into flying birds with the addition of felt wings.Birds made from squares

The important thing is to enjoy making. The size of the finished pieces is not important. The event starts on Friday May 6th (Craft Bomb Day) when a couple of the trees will be craft bombed as a taster for what is to come.

The main event will start on Saturday May 7th with the installation of the rest of the pieces which will remain in the woods until May 15th. The woods can be accessed from the Coppice Car Park off the Market Place, from halfway up Mill Lane, The Fleet or the end of Alder Road.Belper Map

Many items can be seen around the area of the Poetry stone not far from the Mill Lane entrance. I would like to have things for Woollen Woods 2016 by April 23rd. Please contact me for details either by leaving a comment on this blog or messaging me on my Facebook page. Last year was a great success and a lot of fun so I am hoping more people will become part of this years event.  mushroom in the Woollen Woods

12 thoughts on “Woollen Woods 2016”

    1. Hi Lucy it’s great you want to be involved. Please make something you will enjoy knitting. I am particularly looking for woodland animals or birds and sea creatures or shells.

  1. I have just read saga magazine’s article on yourself and wood creatures in wool. I would love to be involved in anything like this
    I also like to be involved in knitting etc for anything for charity. Please let me know. I thought I would have been able to download pattern/s to help.

  2. I have just read about you in Saga magazine and would have liked to help. I like knitting etc for charity.
    I thought I would have been able to download pattern/s to help.
    I am 78years of age.

  3. Hello Anne

    My 8 year old daughter Kate is very keen to make an octopus and possibly a few other things for the event. Please could you let us know where and when they need to be delivered?

    Many thanks

  4. I am not a knitter, but would be interested to know if you have patterns for the blue-tits and hedgehogs. I , know someone who knits for charity, and am sure she would be interested in’ woollen woods’.

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