Learning to crochet a scarf.

Learning to Crochet

This post is an update on my progress with learning how to crochet. I have been writing  recently about places I visit and there are plenty more of these to blog about, however I also want to write about the things I make, create and learn.

I learnt to knit at about 11 years old and have knitted ever since! My knitting would come with me into school and I can remember friends saying, ‘ we can see you as a Grandmother still knitting’. I am a grandmother now and still knitting. Today I put my work out in public places for others to appreciate. This is called Yarn Bombing or Yarn Storming, it is a type of graffiti that doesn’t harm the environment.

Knitting being sewn onto a tree trunk.
Knitting being sewn onto a tree trunk.

Back to crotchet, this I did not learn when young but  started about three years ago. At that time I was regularly making long, six hour train journeys and decided it was a good time to learn. The equipment needed is small and easy to carry. I started by buying a very good book, Crochet Unravelled by Claire Bojczuk. It is small enough to put in a handbag being A5 size and has very clear instructions for both right and left handed people.

For my first crochet I started with double knitting cotton and a size 3.5 hook. I covered lots of jars and tins in bright colours using double and treble stitches.

Crochet covers for tins and jars.
Crochet covers for tins and jars.

More recently I have been inspired by the beautiful work of designer Sophie Digard. Her work can be seen and bought from the Selvedge Magazine website. www.selvedge.org/shop/sophie-digard

She works with linen and merino wool which is dyed the most beautiful colours. I went to my local wool shop and chose four colours to get started.

Four colours of wool.

I decided to make a scarf and hopefully if  started now it could be finished by the time the weather turns colder. Lots of small granny squares were made using the instructions from the book mentioned earlier.

Croched Granny squares.
Crocheted Granny squares.

The squares are sewn together in a random order and I like the effect this achieves. It is not long enough yet but  when it is I will decide whether to crochet an edge to my scarf.

Squares sewn into a scarf.
Squares sewn into a scarf.

My next challenge will be to use a much thinner crochet cotton with a smaller hook but not until this project is completed


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  1. Did I hear on Radio Derby that you held a knitting group on Tuesdays in Belper? If so, would it be possible to have details? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Jane I did mention a group in Belper that meets at I Should Cocoa every other Tuesday morning. It’s not my group but one I go to. It meets from 10 to 12 or any time between, people come for as long as they can. Everyone is very friendly and you would be made very welcome. Today I will not be able to get along until about 11. The group meets upstairs.

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