Woollen Woods

Woollen Woods in Belper starts on Saturday May 23rd at 3.00pm and continues until the evening of Monday may 25th.  Come down to the Belper Parks Woods to discover so many animals ad other things hidden among the trees. Things are displayed in the woods in the area called Great Park Wood. The ‘Woollen Woods’ is an event happening all over the country. Woollen woods was started by Eden Arts in 2013 when they asked people to make items from wool to be displayed in the woods of Acorn Bank NT House. I visited this house in June 2013 and loved all the things I saw.

Since that year Voluntary Arts has taken on the Woollen Woods, and this year there are six main sites with several smaller ones nationwide. In Belper we are planning Woollen Woods as part of the ‘Here and There Art Walk’. The Here and There Art Walk has been organised by Corridor Arts of Belper. I have written about this in a previous blog.Woollen woodsThis blog is an update on the progress made so far.  People are starting to let me have pieces that they have made, which is great. Here is a snake, snail and large bug made by Jen.Snail in the Woollen woodssnake and bug in the woollen woodsI have also collected a squirrel from Wendy.squirrel for woollen woodsIt is really exciting as promised items start to appear. Some however haven’t arrived yet but I have received photos . Here is a photo from Joy of her daffodils and butterflies.daffodils for woollen woodsThe next two pictures also show snails and owls made by Joy.snails for the woollen woodsowls for the woollen woodsJoanne has been making strawberries, toadstools, flowers and leaves.flowers2 flowersmore flowersstrawberries toadstools Liz has made some leaves, mice and an owl.owl and miceJanet has given me lots of lovely small woollen animals. Here are some of them. She has made more but I haven’t had time to photograph them yet.animals

She has however made a large toad who is looking for the way to ‘Here and There’.toadI will add more photos to the blog as things continue to arrive. There is still time to join in and details can be found at the end of my previous blog Here and There.

Woollen Woods in Belper starts on Saturday May 23rd at 3.00pm and continues until the evening of Monday may 25th.

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  1. My daughters and I visited the woods today. Magical! Thank you for all your hard work and that of the other contributors.

    1. Hi Sarah, I believe I met you last weekend at Belper Goes Green, thanks for your comment and we look forward to next year.

  2. I had a walk through yesterday with my baby and nephews, they loved it 🙂 Can I ask who did the Alice in Wonderland tree? I am part of a committee who are trying to save the Belper Children’s Centre and we are hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed parent and child ball. Do you think they would be willing to make something for us?

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